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Judge Linda Reade has enthusiastically SUPPORTED the raid against Sholom Rubashkin Agriprocessors plant, she then presided over the case going against the judicial ethics, the case was suppose to be only about finances yet she allowed evidence that had nothing to do with finance such immigration, when Judge Linda Reade should have recuse herself. Linda Reade will be known forever to have engraved a huge disgusting bad stain in the great American Justice system, the courts are suppose to be impartial instead Judge Linda Reade openly supported the raid which made her automatically biased against Sholom Rubashkin, then sentenced Sholom Rubashkin beyond the judicial guidelines of 27 years that is not comparable to the crime. There is no doubt that even if Judge Linda Reade was to be impeached and\or disbarred she would always fight to have Sholom Rubashkin sit in Jail for her own personal bias against Sholom Rubashkin and nothing to do with justice. Sincerely, Howard Sager San Diego County
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Linda R. Reade

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