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1. What is the The Robing Room? 

The Robing Room is a site by lawyers for lawyers.  Our mission is to provide a forum for evaluating federal district court judges and magistrate-judges.


2.  Who operates The Robing Room? 

The Robing Room is owned and operated by North Law Publishers, Inc., a New York Corporation, whose principal shareholders are attorneys. 

3.  How do I contact The Robing Room? 

We encourage and value your feedback. Write to us at 

4.  Why do you require an e-mail address to post ratings? 

We require e-mail addresses for three reasons.  First to avoid automated spamming programs that attempt to post unwanted advertisements and other notices. Second to help assure that our postings are legitimate. And third to permit a visitor to contact an evaluator for further information about a rating or comment (although the visitor will not know the evaluator’s e-mail address)   Your e-mail address will not be included in your published evaluation . 

5.  How does your rating system work? 

When you fill out an evaluation questionnaire for a judge, we post your rating scores as well as your comments.  The posted average is derived from your answers to the first starred questions in the questionnaire.   Questions not answered are not included in the calculation to derive the average.   

6. Are comments/ratings deleted? 

We reserve the right to delete comments and ratings which we believe are libelous or not submitted in good faith.   

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