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average rating is null out of 5
average rating is null out of 5
We have tried two civil litigation cases in front of Judge Anderson since he was appointed and been before him on others. One was theft of trade secrets where we represented the plaintiff. The other was a complex insurance and environmental matter. If you're looking for someone who is predictable, go somewhere else. if you're looking for someone who will literally read every line of your pleadings (to your benefit or detriment), he's your judge. Whether consumer rights or management, he has few tendencies. He appreciates owning up to one's errors, if they are made, as would any former AUSA. Keep in mind that he was originally appointed to the bench at a relatively young age in the last year of George HW Bush's presidency, almost 30 years ago. The appointment languished, likely for political reasons (remember this was around the time of Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork and numerous other controversial SCOTUS appointments). Do not break his rules. You will be sanctioned even if the other side doesn't ask for them. I would say his temperament reminds us of a David Souter or Anthony Kennedy. His well reasoned, balanced opinions do too. From the standpoint of practitioners, keep in mind that Judge Anderson cleared the docket on Americans with Disabilities Act cases, something we only know through second hand information. Regardless, it's useful to know that he doesn't tolerate cute tricks or non disclosure of documents by plaintiff's or defense counsel. The disgruntled views are those on either side, civil or criminal, who were surprised because they found it difficult to predict the outcome. Talk with his former clerks. They will give you more insight than anyone. In the early years of his tenure on the bench, settlements were handled through a magistrate. But, be careful what you share. In a recent case well before trial, Judge Anderson gave litigants the option to exchange settlement offers in a bench trial which surprised both sides.
11/11/19, 5:30 AM
Hon. Percy Anderson

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