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He is not afraid to give a non-guideline sentence. Although I was hoping for a bigger break for a super-minimally-involved defendant, he imposed a below-guideline range in a substantial quantity drug case. He recognized the unique circumstances presented by my very sympathetic client and meted out justice accordingly, despite imposing a term of years. He rejected several other bases I obliquely advanced for a non-guideline sentence (since I was not permitted to do so by the plea agreement). He also found the co-defendant's CHC overrepresented the seriousness of his past conduct and sentenced him at the low end of the reduced guideline range. Despite these two seemingly defense -oriented sentences, he strikes me as a tough law-and-order sentencer. I gave him a four for scheduling because he runs a very fast criminal schedule from arraignment to scheduled trial.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. William J. Martini

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