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This judge did not do her job. She often laugh at people pain and disregard for defendants family ties. We came in to testify of a defendant that repented for the sins he had committed. She didn't even want to know who we are or hear our side of the stories. We even had priest from our catholic church that want to testified, but no she ready to go home. There were time I went to see her give sentencing to feel herbout she would sentence people that are the same color as her very low (black), but any other race she would throw the book at them. This defendant had zero criminal history and quit close to a year ahead of time before he was arrested. Started a family and the fed came to arrested him at his home while his wife is pregnant. He also had parents that are sick he was taken care of. The defendant sold 1 ounce of meth a few times and they charged him the same thing over and over. Not a violent offender and a middle man gets 10 years minimum while she free her own black ppl that rob, steals and hurt others for less years. Not Including a level 3 or 4 criminal. She didn't care about what the lawyer have to say. She didn't even read non of the letters sent in by family members and even priest and organizationsm She just want to lock people up because it's taking time off her day. I do not know why Clinton gave her this job. Maybe at the beginning she actually did her job to put up an act. Now it is something for the hell of it to pay the bills. A judge suppose to have empathy and sympathy. a judge and see all side of the stories and find solutions to help the defendant not commit a crime again and give them a sentence that fits them. Smh worst judge I have ever seen, please get a new judge if u get her.!!!!
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Vanessa Gilmore

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