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I was the target of a frivolous lawsuit and my case came before this judge. My lawyer told me how fortunate I was that Judge Cote 'reads all the material' in a case and does not take the lazy route and pass to a jury. Thank goodness Judge Cote is a top-notch judge who went over everything very carefully and was able to come to the truth, that the case against me was someone with an agenda and that nothing the person, or her lawyers was truthful. I felt I had real criminals after me, using the court system as a tool to harm others. Later I found out this woman had sued about five other people and all were dismissed from the court. My case was dismissed in full and Judge Cote found the case so frivolous that the party suing me was fined. Although a lot of money was spent in my defense, at least I was lucky to have a judge who read everything and then ruled in the favor of the innocent. One thing America courts need is The English Rule, which means when frivolous cases are filed, and innocent people are tortured in the courts, the lawyers for the ones bringing frivlous cases must pay the legal fees of the wronged party. After my experience, I believe that such a rule would help all of those who are tortured by criminals through the legal system. Thank goodness for a good & fair judge like Judge Cote. No one bringing a frivolous or wrong case before this judge will provide compliments to this judge, only because she is so excellent at her job. My hat's off to Judge Cote.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Denise Cote

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