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Judge Feinerman believes himself to be one of the better judges in the Northern District, but he is not. He is arrogant in his demeanor as well as his rulings from the bench. He lacks experience in day-to-day civil litigation at the trial level. His discovery rulings show that he was mostly an appellate lawyer prior to taking the bench. He could avoid most of these problems if he simply referred discovery to the magistrate judges. His rulings from the bench are rambling, with no connection to established case law. He forgets that other judges have ruled on these issues before him. He shows a strong bias for one side; once he has made up his mind he believes that party. His was obviously a political appointment, as his father-in-law is Herb Kohl, the millionaire former senator from Wisconsin.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Gary S. Feinerman

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