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Her reputation as a settlement wizard may be deserved, but in my experience it is not necessarily to the benefit of the court or its litigants. Her MO seems to be to size up who she perceives to be the more vulnerable party and hammer on that party and counsel to force a compromise -- not because of the strength or weakness of a party's position, but because she thinks she's found the most expeditious way to get to a settlement. She is imperious, condescending and favors the home team. This did not facilitate settlement for my client. The reverse was true. Use her if: 1) you have no choice, 2) you need someone to beat up on a party to the benefit of your client, 3) you do not mind being insulted, and/or 4) you have the home town advantage.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Nita L. Stormes

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