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Judge Hoderman is a fair, nice man, but WOW, can he blow his top when the government, or, for that matter, anyone try's to pull a 'fast one' on him or their opposition.. It's nice that there's at least one judge in the Northern District that doesn't put up with the government's holyier-than-thou crap or let them run over people. I say this as a civil attorney that has just had the opportunity over three decades to watch him handle his criminal call befor he gets to his civil call. Every judge has their shortcomings and foibles and Judge Holderman, but what he does have, that's often missing is his peers is authentic integrity and decency. He's always been patient, fair and respectful to me, and as far as i can determine, those who are straight with him.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. James F. Holderman

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