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I'm writing in reference to the recent CORRUPTION trial of Lawson, Nighbert and others! How could the U. S. District Judge not understand bribery? No, Nighbert was not FORCED to take the job at UMG, but a $125,000 a year income AND a new Toyota were very nice gifts for a favor! Does the elderly judge have a hearing problem and/or hearing aid with weak batteries, because it should be very clear to ANYONE who had heard the FOUR tape recordings between Lawson and Rummage, that it 'smelled to high heaven'! Didn't the word, JUDGEment, have any relevance at all in a FEDERAL case of this magnitude? As for the jury's WRONG decision in the case, Forester's DISMISSAL of bribery had to play an important part in their SUBLIMINAL minds! 'Plenty of reasonable doubt'. No, Plenty of ignorance! Yes! Certainly, Lawson KNEW that cash money couldn't be traced! Hmmm? I wonder how! And the news media....why did the good judge ask or require it not to divulge any more information about the case before a jury selection? Hmmm? I wonder about that! Well, in the OPINION of a layman, there was a lot of PAYOLA and PROZAC in this transparent failure of a federal case! Just goes to show, MONEY & INFLUENCE wins again!
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Karl S. Forester

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