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Judge Barbara Crabb’s recent ruling concerning the unconstitutionality of the National Day of Prayer shows just how delusional and out of touch with reality she really is. Judge Crabb's ruling that atheists and agnostics could file a suit because they were “injured by being made to feel like outsiders on the National Day of Prayer” is absurd and supports my belief that this woman suffers from some type of mental disability or disorder, which should disqualify her from serving any longer as a U.S. District Judge on the bench of one of our nation’s highest courts. If she is permitted, she will next be outlawing Christmas on the same basis --because they, the atheists and agnostics feel like “outsiders.” Give me a break! Judge Crabb is not only out of touch with our nation’s history, but out of touch with reality. I believe that Judge Crabb is in all probability a secret atheist or agnostic who is simply putting forth her own personal beliefs and agenda, which she just happens to share with the 15,000 atheist and agnostic men and women (i.e. Freedom from Religion) who filed this lawsuit. As a Christian, I too have suffered “psychological harm” from Judge Crabb's recent ruling, therefore I plan to file on behalf of Heaven and earth and all of the Christians who dwell therein a judicial complaint against Justice Crabb on the basis that she having lost touch with reality is mentally unable to serve on one of our nation’s highest courts. Secondly, I will be filing a complaint against her on the basis that she, Judge Crabb, through her actions have caused me, and other Christians like me who love and accept the reality of the One true God and Savior Jesus Christ, great emotional harm. If the atheists/agnostics can sue the government on the basis of some self perceived 'psychological harm and injury”, than so should we Christians be allowed to file a judicial complaint against this Judge and have it taken seriously.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Barbara B. Crabb

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