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average rating is 5 out of 5
I have been a plaintiff's trial lawyer for over 35 years and have had many significant jury trials over this period. I recently tried a case in Judge Shaffer's courtroom. I have rarely been in a courtroom where the atmosphere was as pleasant. He was very respectfull of the attorneys and the jurors. He would enter the courtroom,after the attorneys, and then stand while the jurors came in to be seated after each recess. I have never seen a judge to that. A plaintiff cannot expect a good verdict where everyone, from the jurors to the court staff, hate being there. He was always prepared and tried as good a case, in an evenhanded manner, as any judge I have been before. I recieved a substantial verdict for which my client was very pleased. If someone told me I would have to try all of my future cases in Judge Shaffer's court I would be quite happy to do so. Any claim that he is defense minded was not apparent in my case. I have learned, after spending some time in his court, that what others may have found to be a quick temper, I learned was his passion for what he does. He does not suffer fools lightly. If you are prepared and show him you work hard you will earn is respect.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Craig B. Shaffer

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