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Judge Otis D. Wright, II is possibly one of the worst judges in this damn world. If you end up with this judge good luck to you because he is really unfair and discriminating. He was so so racist and discriminating to my mom who is an Armenian. He never listening to our hearing and proof and just sentenced her. My moms prosecutor suggested 10 years sentencing to my mom, the judge turned around and said ' I think that is too harsh for a woman ' right after that we have a 15 minute break. We get back from our break and he literally sentences my mom to 10 years in federal prison This was her very first crime.This judge is very bipolar, all I can say is he doesn't deserve to be a judge. Any comments that you see that he's apparently a good judge is not true and very fake! The bad comments outweighs the 2-4 good ones that I can say are pretty fake comments about him. Honestly good luckkkkk to you if you end up with this judge. He is one demented, maniac, judge. Not even over exaggerating one bit. Word for word on my moms transcript Judge Wright said ' Yeah, when you enter 5 (d) it's one of the circles of hell. 5 (d) is his court room btw. He seriously plays games with peoples lives. One demented bipolar man.
11/11/19, 5:22 AM
Hon. Otis D. Wright, II

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