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Civil Litigation - Private
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I monitored a trial between Amtrak and a private plaintiff. Judge Coooper was even handed and saw brought out the weaknesses in each side's case without tipping his hand. He is unflappable and polite. He doesn't rule like a dictator but appears to take the task he's been given seriously and consistent with the decorum expected of federal judges with lifetime appointments. He may have been an Obama appointee, but don't look for any favors from the plaintiff's side. He's right down the center and calls his cases (at least from the body of case law and opinions he's developed). He was called out for being a 'rookie' judge when the Bengahzi case was assigned to him. He was more than up to the task just given his rulings and opinions. Perhaps his clerkship on the DC Circut with Abner Mikva gave him some idea of refraining from judicial activism or departing from precedent. I'd take him over 99% of the judges before whom I've appeared.
11/11/19, 5:30 AM
Hon. Christopher R. Cooper

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