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This judge is utterly contemptible. It's quite clear that she doesn't read the briefs, the cases, or even the memos written by her clerks before she happens to go up to the bench. I've had everything from motions practices to sentencing decisions in which there is nothing but quiet in the courtroom as she sits ups there forever, perusing the memo before her or the pre-sentencing report, clearly reading it for the first time right before she makes a major decision. Look, I'm a prosecutor. Have been my whole life, will be til the day I die. It's all I ever wanted to do. I'm a rabid conservative on law and order and think til this day that the Warren Court is harming America by letting defendants off. But this judge's approach to the bench is morally disgusting and reprehensible. I've with major criminal trials, again and again, in which she clearly is deciding whether to exclude evidence based on reading her clerk's memo during motions evidence and arguments. Sentencing that could put a human being behind bars for 15 years (and most of them deserve it, but SOME of them deserve something less), and she's reading a pre-sentencing report in the moment, as she decides how many months to sentence a real human being. It's totally disgusting and morally bankrupt. She's a disgrace to the bench. She should be impeached.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Rebecca Beach Smith

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