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average rating is 5 out of 5
I represented a defendant whose case was pending before Judge Gordon for five years (due to extensive cooperation). The court gave us a wide berth in adjourning the matter to the government's and defendant's best interests. Adjournments were freely granted for cause. At sentencing, Judge Gordon had done his homework and knew the Guidelines' issues stone cold. He had done his research and correctly ruled against me on at least one, and probably both, sentencing enhancements. Client cooperated for extended period in multiple district and government recommended 6 months custody/House arrest after moving for substantial downward variance (I hate that term; it imbues the sentencing guideline range with an aura of correctness in derogation of 3553(a)). Judge Gordon, quite correctly (in my opinion) imposed a non-custodial sentence given the passage of time, extensive cooperation, defendant's military service and slim prospect of recidivism. Throughout the extended sentencing, Judge Gordon was cordial, professional, prepared and gave the parties all the time in the world to present their cases. A very decent and thoughtful fellow who considered everything presented in a very deliberate fashion. He a good draw for either party. I worried when we drew him at the outset of the case and he was a new judicial appointee. My concerns were allayed at sentencing. I think the government could author this identical comment.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Andrew P. Gordon

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