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He's pretty smart (although he's too desireous of trying to show it), runs a tight ship and is very concerned about not wasting a jury's time. He does not seem to have a bias one way or another towards plaintiffs or defendants in civil matters. I have tried two cases in his court and won them both, so if anything, I should biased in his favor...but here's the thing: he does not have a suitable temperament to be on the bench. While I have been lucky enough to have never angered him, it doesn't appear to take much to do so, and when you get on his bad side, he treats you very poorly. He becomes abusive and sarcastic. He treated my opposing cousel as badly as I have ever seen a judge treat an attorney. I actually ended up feeling sorry for my opposing counsel. I believe one can be an effective judge without being a jerk. I think Judge Sparks has forgotten what it's like to be a practicing lawyer.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Sam Sparks

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