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average rating is null out of 5
Judge McLaughlin should not be sitting on the bench. She is not titled for the defendants, rather, she is sitting on the defendant's side, this, despite having record award verdicts winners as plaintiffs, she remains in favor of the defendants. She play way too much into the politics and doesn't follow the law. She does not move her caseload along and chooses when and which motions she will decide. She is clearly bias and acts as defense counsel for the defense in civil litigation. She makes many, many errors in the law and excercises a CLEAR ABUSE OF DISCRETION. She has intervened in matters outside of her jurisdiction and inserted herself in matters where it does not concern her. People come to the Federal Courthouse for justice, she imposes injustices on them! I await the day she is removed from the bench!
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Mary A. Mclaughlin

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