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average rating is null out of 5
average rating is null out of 5
if you think your civil rights was violate by another & caused you injury & you file your case in federal court then be prepared for additional insults & ingury pro see discrimination by Hon. Ronald L. Ellis that treats pro se plaintiffs like criminal defendants he berates them with argumentative intimidation while defiance council sits back & enjoys the show & be entertained on billable hours as judge Ellis inaugurates the pro se to inflict pain by pushing all the buttons to provoke anger to create humiliation to inflict greater injury with intent to discredit the pro se & force them to give up there case for no other reason other then being forced to be self represented when the court rejects motion for appointment of council. i warn all pro see indigents to grow a thick skin & have all your fact in order before appearing in front of this judge because he will do all he can to pick you apart & beat you down & he will enjoy every secant of making you feel as if you was told to go to hell & he would make you feel like you was looking forward to the trip & all you had to do was take one step into his courtroom & you are truly in hell. . he will make you squirm like you are the accused defendants for no other reason other then that he can get away with it all these years until present as he is now 62 so welcome to the real cold world of federal judiciary where laymen's justice is mythological in this federal courthouse unless your name ends with esquire this judge should be in criminal division
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Ronald L. Ellis

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