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This judge is terrible. She was a judge in the the last of three bogus lawsuits filed against me by a spammer for calling him a spammer (one in IL state court, and 2 in fed in IL). She denied me my more than $12K in attorneys' fees for the case in her court, in which the plaintiff withdrew it at the last possible minute (for the third time), and she said that three bogus lawsuits aren't 'oppressive.' Judge Kendall should hang it up and go play tennis or whatever she likes if she thinks three trumped-up and completely bogus lawsuits are not oppressive to an out-of-state defendant. Heck, fighting three bogus lawsuits is oppressive to a local defendant! I feel sorry for the next person who has to deal with an issue like mine in Judge Kendall's court room.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. Virginia M. Kendall

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