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This guy is like a caricature of a difficult judge. He is sadistic and malicious towards the lawyers who come before him. A very smart man (not as smart as he thinks he is, but still very intelligent), and seemed on-point with his rulings. For no apparent reason, he purposely insults and disrespects the lawyers who appear before him, and does so in front of both the jury and their clients. He isn't bias, but will be equally terrible to both sides. He is like the poster boy for arbitrary and capricious conduct. Luckily, he's only a magistrate. DO NOT consent to him handling your case. If you have to appear in front of him, warn your client that the judge is an arrogant A-hole, have a thick skin, have your ducks in a row, be over prepared, and be EARLY. To his credit, he is very respectful of the jury and the system itself. He is too aloof to be bias. He enjoys torturing attorneys, but it has nothing to do with the actual case. Also, oddly, when he's not unnecessarily demonstrating his authority, he's actually rather amiable.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Andrew J. Peck

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