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Civil Litigation - Private
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Judge Jones comes across as an old-time southern gentleman, which is exactly what he is (in a positive way). Being a magistrate in this district, he hears many discovery disputes. On many appearances in his courtroom I have noted that unlike other judges in Alexandria, he will not allow litigants (typically but not always insurance types or corporate defendants) to get away with hide-the-ball or the stonewall tactics that are so prevalent. He listens to both sides, is polite but pointed, and (again unlike many judges in this courthouse) makes his own decisions instead of rubber-stamping what one party or the other presents. He will read all of what you and your opposing party submit and will be ready to rule once your case is called - only rarely will oral arguments will move him off of the opinion he forms after reading the papers.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. T. Rawles Jones, Jr.

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