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Judge Wilson set our trial for 90 days out after denying our motion to dismiss. He then denied a VERY detailed stipulation to continue the trial date, and subsequently plaintiff's motion to continue the trial date. Honestly, I thought he was a little crazy under the circumstances. Then he spent a great deal of time understanding the parties' respective positions at the final status conference, and dismissed one defendant (sua sponte) when Plaintiff could not adequately proffer his case against defendant. In the end, Judge Wilson's handling of the case resulted in a settlement by the parties that would not likely have otherwise been reached, at much less cost than would otherwise have been expended. In short, I was very impressed by his judicial demeanor and the way he managed this case. That being said, if you want to properly work the case up for trial, do discovery even before any motions to dismiss are heard, expect him to set trial 60-90 days out from denial of a motion to dismiss, and do not expect any trial continuance from him and you should be ok. The one thing I did not like, however, was the lack of a discovery cut-off, as it made for a rather messy end to the case -- but in the end, everything worked out, in large part due to Judge Wilson's efforts. Great job Judge Wilson. Thank you.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Stephen V. Wilson

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