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Civil Litigation - Private
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I have been doing civil litigation in The southern District of Texas for 31 years. Whomever nominated this Judge for the Federal Bench made a Godawful mistake. She was confronted with an application for a preliminary injuction and ignored the federal rule and federal statute requiring her to advance this case on the Civil Docket. This judge struck a dispositive motion for being 21 minutes late based upon her'opinion' about a lawyer's reputation filing timely. This judge wants form over substance. The reason for this is obvious. She is completely incompetent and cannot understand the principles or the concepts that she is called upon to decide. She condemned the entire Bar of Laredo for their supposed lack of competence which artifice she uses to mask her own. Her decisions are completely result oriented. She chooses a winner at the onset of the case and reasons-rather poorly- her way to why the unfortunate litigant should be denied his/her day in court. This judge is no intellectual giant. She is despised by the members of the Laredo Bar personally and professionally. Sympathies to the Valley Practitioners who are stuck with her.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Micaela Alvarez

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