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Civil Litigation - Private
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... I have been involved in civil litigation since his elevation to the bench by the misguided GWB in 2003. After entering into a Consent Injunction in 2004, I asked Titus to enforce it against a litigant who was causing my business serious harm and me. My petition presented reams of evidence, including sworn transcripts of the party admitting specific acts violating the injunction. Titus dismissed my motion without a hearing after adopting the opposition of the contumacious litigant, refused to allow me to file an opposition, and then ruled that I owed $25,000 in rule 11 sanctions. All of this occurred without any hearing. Later a $4,000,000 judgment was entered by default against me simply because our attorney was a few days late in filing a pretrial statement. Later this madman incarcerated me for 97 days in the DC Jail for failing to pay the sanctions. The entire case is under appeal at the 4th Circuit and all of the facts are available to anyone with Pacer access at 09-1481. I am sure I am not Titus’s only victim and would like to hear from others....If you have any information I can use in filing a judicial complaint please send it to me. I will be grateful and will share my information with you. ..
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Roger W. Titus

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