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average rating is null out of 5
the only time I have ever been in this woman's court, ((I'm a local Minister for a christian group that helps the children of imates)) I have never been more ashamed, in my entire life, of a government Officers treatment of her fellow human beings. She is, in my opinion, bereft of any ability to feel compassion, remorse or kindness for any human being who is accused of a crime. mind you not convicted just accused of wrongdoing. it seems that Lord Reade's courtroom is her fiefdom not a place that protects the rights and lives of our fellow citizens. she was so rude in fact that she insulted the man sitting right beside me, because the look on his face so displeased her Majesty..... like really? to put it simply she is an evil blight upon our nation, she takes our mothers, fathers, children, our very flesh and blood and goes above and beyond the bar to set maximum sentences for non violent offenders. she is a defiler of Justice not a hero of it. 500 years ago, military officers would upend a drum on the battlefield. They'd sit at it and dispense summary justice. Decisions were quick, punishments severe; appeals denied. Those who came to a drumhead were doomed. That my friends is what Linda Reade runs, A drumhead court in our town and our loved ones have paid with their freedom, because in Reade's eyes they were guilty before they set foot in that courtroom. I think it satisfies her, the pain and the hurt of others that is. she must feel good when she says or commits her hateful actions because she continues to do it. if thats not evil, then in Christs name I dont know what is.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Linda R. Reade

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