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Although it is just a Pipe Dream, I pray Burkhardt is not 'appointed' to a second eight (8) year term as a Magistrate Judge. And heaven help all of us if she is EVER elevated (million to 1 shot IMO) to District Judge. I mean seriously, are MJ appointments 100% political (OK, it was just a rhetorical question)? Do they not Vet these candidates for scholarship, acumen, aptitude or social intellect (again, just a rhetorical question)? Is it too much to ask for at least average brainpower with a small dose of Social Intelligence tossed in? When a Federal Judge (even a MJ) cannot distinguish, understand or figure out how to apply differing standards of proof in criminal cases or section 1983 cases- preponderance vs BRD- which in turn makes all the difference in the world under the 'harmless error' rule, then that Federal Judge has NO BUSINESS whatsoever in a Federal Court (unless Burkhardt is the criminal defendant, talk about karma!). The only apparent training Burkhardt had prior to appointment was being employed as an AUSA. Wow, that is a shock (eye roll). Burkhardt is, putting it as kindly as I can, a lightweight. Never, EVER, stipulate to her under 28 U.S.C §636(c). I wish there were negative ratings, this is one judge who deserves such a rating.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Jill L. Burkhardt

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