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average rating is null out of 5
average rating is null out of 5
One of my attorneys tried to get out of the case because he was convinced Babcock was so biased we had no real chance of winning. Babcock abusively yelled at the other attorney so many times it probably made an impression on the jury; the attorney was so flustered by his outbursts she had a hard time handling the case. Babcock did nothing when he was told the opposing party had violated his orders not to reveal private medical information to the public. When I attempted to file a motion for perjury, clearly obvious because the opposing party's witnesses totally reversed what they said in their depositions on the stand, Babcock said that was 'harassment' on my part (!??!) and threatened to punish me if I pursued it. Then he ordered my motion sealed so no one could see there was evidence the opposing party committed perjury. The opposing party, then confident they could get away with anything, stalked and harassed me for years. Babcock is not fit to sit on the bench. He is a Reagan appointee, very prejudiced and abusive toward attorneys in the courtroom.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Lewis T. Babcock

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