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She is a disaster. She took issue with our first interrogatory responses. Fair enough. Our second responses were the most thorough I've seen, but she made us do a third one, which read like the Manhattan yellow pages. She then wrote a scathing opinion criticizing us, including for deposition defense, when 95% of the questions were beyond the scope of discovery ordered by the judge. She then ruled we could only use in motion practice or trial what we submitted in discovery. Our motion papers satisfied this, but she granted the other side's motion in a ruling that struck our factual assertion and deemed theirs uncontested. Unless the judge reverses her, we will lose this case based on a series of fictions asserted by the other side, who lied to the ccurt 16 times in three motions, without consequence. The banana republic.
11/11/19, 5:30 AM
Hon. Theresa C. Buchanan

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