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Kennelly has a horrible temperament and is quite biased. If you are defending a case brought by someone incarcerated in either jail or prison, expect him to act as the Plaintiff's lawyer. It's really a shame because he's obviously very smart and knows the law, but that is overshadowed by his rudeness and lack of objectivity. It's always obvious when Kennelly has already made up his mind and is just wasting everyone's time by making you come in for a hearing. He'll direct questions to the Plaintiff to help build their case, object on Plaintiff's behalf, and literally interrupts to yell at counsel to "STOP SPEAKING," thus preventing them from fully arguing their position and making the record. If you keep going because that's, you know, your job, get ready to be sanctioned.
11/23/22, 8:51 PM
Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly

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