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Civil Litigation - Private
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Experience with him limited to a settlement conference. He was rude, very obnoxious, condescending, misogynistic (referred to another atty and I as 'ladies') and presumptive, in that he assumed we fit every negative stereotype for plaintiff's attys without any factual basis for doing so. He does seem to like flattery, so if you are stuck with him, go that route and you will do ok. Though he may behave in a casual, way and take license with you, and he seem almost comedic in his insults/jibes toward you, don't respond in kind, as doing so may result in sactions. Lacks a dignified judicial demeanor - reminds me of a snotty spoiled child whose been given more power than he deserves.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Jay C. Gandhi

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