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I do not know what he is like in civil cases, but he is the definition of an activist judge in criminal ones. He is one of the most pro-defendant federal judges in the country, and is well known to look hard for reasons to let even guilty defendants go free. He openly says he wants to do what he sees as justice, and his notion of Justice often conflicts with the precedent before him. Those are the times he works the hardest, to try to find some legitimate way around the law he doesn't like. And if he cannot find one he just rules his way anyway and dares the government to appeal. For sentencings he typically starts at half of the guidelines and works down from there. Although his bias is clearly pro-defendant, his judicial temperament is pretty evenly awful to both sides. It's not uncommon for him to yell at attorneys until he is red in the face. He is also known to tell them to shut up and sit down when they try to speak. He paces around during hearings and trials and frequently interrupts the attorneys and starts questioning witnessss himself. It is no secret that those that helped him get on the bench now regret it.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Michael F. Urbanski

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