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Judge Katzman was a on three member panel in 2008. It was a case that the CFTC denied me registration. I was a hedge fund manager and my fund was the victim of a huge multi-billion dollar copper scandal involving Sumitomo Bank, JP Morgan and others. I became a lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit and we won a settlement. However, I had asked my regulators, the NFA and CFTC how to account for the copper losses and settlement. Katzman (and Renna Raggi) agreed with the CFTC and basically I was denied my registration for life with no hopes to ever get it back. I was so angry, I wrote a letter to Katzman and Raggi and they contacted the US Marshals and had them 'intimidate, harass and threaten' me although they admitted my letter broke no laws. In 2011, I had an issue with a District Court Judge, Denis Hurley (EDNY). He is just basically corrupt. I wrote a complaint and I said in the complaint that Katzman (now as Chief Judge) had to recuse himself because of the events of 2008. Katzman deliberately ruled anyway against me. When I followed up again with an angry letter to him, and copied the Council and the Senate Judiciary Committee, Katzman did the same exact thing and sent the US Marshals again!!!! So, this guy Katzman is corrupt and should be removed from his position. He just thumbs his nose at Constitutional Law and cites a predisposed opinion. I mean its obvious the system is broken, but this guy should never have ever been part of it. We can all write negative things,, but at the end of the day, unless something is done about a guy like Katzman, he is going to continue to be arrogant and violate the law.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Robert A. Katzmann (Chief Judge)

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