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average rating is null out of 5
As a senior intellectual property litigator at a major national law firm we litigate IP cases in federal court all over the country. Appearing before J. Bennett was an extraordinary experience for our entire litigation team. He is a brilliant jurist who is as well versed in the intricate nuances of patent law as any federal judge in the nation. He and Mag. Zoss have adopted cutting edge pretrial procedures that expedite patent litigation and save clients hundreds of thousands in fees. He is exceptionally hard working and his patent opinions are held in extraordinarily high regard by the patent bar. J. Bennett and his staff are fabulous to deal with, he is exceptionally and unfailingly courteous to the lawyers and personally concerned about scheduling matters for our convenience. He asks tough, thoughtful, and deeply probing questions and mastered the technology intricacies of the patent at issue like no other federal judge we have appeared before. If there is a better federal district court judge in the country we have not found him/her.
7/15/19, 2:10 AM
Hon. Mark W. Bennett

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