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Civil Litigation - Private
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When Judge Dearie rules against your client, at least you understand why, if you agree with his decision or not. He is even-handed in keeping both sides in line, and he will warn you if you push him up against his norms of trial practice. Once he has you in control, he's pleasant to work with. I won a big retrial and lost a modest retrial before him. I made my objections, but I sensed, in the case I lost, that he felt - because he was - boxed in. He let counsel try the case as they would like, but tightened the standard of proof for my client in the first trial she won, and her loss was pre-determined. In the trial I won, it was smooth sailing because it was a damages only trial. He made some rulings I and my client didn't like, but we ended up with a complete success. His clerks are diligent and his Deputy is most certainly in control.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Raymond J. Dearie

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