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Civil Litigation - Private
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Lefkow, this Judge lacks wisdom and mercy. She speaks about the Law as if it her duty to apply it like the book of rule. No common sense and no sense of human being involved. 1 2 3 close. She went to law school yet she did not learn anything about moral values and treating people nicely in her court room. Impatient and wicked. Lacks wisdom, gets angry fast, and shows her facial dissatisfaction toward both plaintiff and defendant when she hates a specific argument. Lets not forget to talk about pro-se litigant, she hates dealing with them. The Gov should not keep Judges who cannot handle cases promptly and fairly and most important with wisdom. Unfortunately, only few judges are raised to be wise, good overall judges. Lefkow should seriously retire because she isn't capable of being a Judge. The word 'Judge' has a lot of deep meaning, she doesn't understand it.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow

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