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He's still there???? I still shudder at the way in 1970 he ruined a friend's life by sentencing him to 10 years at Terminal Island for a minor drug possession offense. A vengeful sentence considering the options. Well, my friend did come from a privileged background -- that could have motivated this judge given his own background. Not much jurisprudence involved, that's for sure. Years later I wondered, who was Real? What else did he go on to do? From what I find online now he's been cruel and less than just to many and not very honest either. My friend became a heroin addict while in prison. Who but guards could have supplied (sold) the drugs? Not the shock to people now that such things were then. We know enough now to guess how cell phones get in to Pelican Island But in 1970, it was probably not unknown to someone in Judge Real's position just what he was doing to a 24 year old with no idea of the criminal justice system. A fine blow for Nixon's just initiated war on drugs. Have we won it yet? Why not?
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Manuel L. Real

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