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average rating is null out of 5
The words "honorable judge," here is laughable. John Walter is out to serve himself, his republican buddies, and prosecutors whom I'm sure he circle jerks with on the weekends. John Walter was assigned to my fathers case almost 20 years ago and I'm astounded that he is still a serving judge, or that no one has had him defamed yet. He didn't listen to one piece of evidence, didn't extend any extensions that were properly filed by the defense, and made up his mind about the case long before trial even started. Walter continuously showed his biased toward big conglomerate companies that were suing my family. Probably getting millions in payouts. He left us destitute, without a family, living off welfare, and was the sole reason for years of trauma that still linger in our family to this day. He destroyed an honorable man. HONORABLE, something judge Walter knows nothing about. My family, my father and others will never be the same. I hope one day he sees the same fate he subjected many too. If anyone should go to jail for abuse of power, it's this PRICK.
12/29/22, 11:15 PM
Hon. John F. Walter

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