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I'm a criminal defense lawyer and I'm moved to respond to the last comment. I categorically disagree with the writer's characterization of Judge Martinez as sarcastic and highly critical of counsel. While he expects lawyers to be prepared and know the law and rules of procedure, I've been before him on many occasions and he has been uniformly courteous, respectful and even kind to my clients every time. He has, to my knowledge and research, varied downward in most if not all of the sentences he has imposed post-verdict. So for the previous commentator to opine that the Judge exacts a 'heavy' trial penalty is delusional. I know from civil law colleagues that he rarely grants full summary judgment, and frequently goes to trial on cases most of his colleagues would have dismissed. From what I can see he is not afraid to go to trial and reveres the parties' constitutional right to do so. And he's smart, works hard, and runs a very efficient chambers and courtroom. If only we had more judges like Judge Martinez on this court.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. William J. Martinez

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