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average rating is 5 out of 5
Judge Edmunds is one of the smartest judges out there. I'm not sure if her haters recognize this, but she does have a lifetime appointment and has had this appointment for quite some time. As far as Kwame Kilpatrick or whatever the name is, check this out: Judge Edmunds did not write the Booker opinion, nor did she draft the 3553 factors to consider when imposing a sentence advised by the Sentencing Commission. Apparently, and in terms of the sentence imposed, she will generally give where she can, should there be a cause for the given. But, if I recall correctly, it was once said that our children pay for the mistakes that we as parents make. We can all agree that he is paying dearly -- not to mention he was just lame in office.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Nancy G. Edmunds

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