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I had a case before Judge Real that involved special education / civil rights. He made a ridiculous ruling that had no basis in the law or facts. Just reading the Order there were inconsistencies showing his errors, and lack of legal reasoning. He does NOT want to hear any argument from you. He asks if you have anything to say BEFORE he makes his ruling. Then after he rules against you, when you try to argue he says you had your chance already. You have to be pushy to say what you need to say to support your record. Mind your record, because the only thing good about this guy is he is sloppy enough to give you grounds to appeal. I got a decision of his reversed by the 9th Cir. in late 2015. I am sure its just one of many of his decision that year that were reversed.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Manuel L. Real

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