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Judge Fox is indeed a senior judge, as another poster mentioned, but he is not anti-female. I, a female attorney, have never had a problem with him, nor have my clients; he has been unfailingly courteous and respectful. He does expect civility and competence from everyone who appears before him; it's more likely that an unpleasant experience related to lack of preparation than to any gender bias. During trial he can appear disengaged, but he listens attentively and will intervene in a heartbeat if he thinks something inappropriate was said. He is very protective of the image of lawyers and the judicial system, and doesn't hesitate to excoriate attorneys (in chamber, not in front of jurors), or threaten to cite them for contempt, if he thinks that they are making unjustified accusations about the truthfulness of opposing parties and counsel. It takes him longer now than it used to, to get a decision out.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. James C. Fox

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