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Civil Litigation - Private
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When we were first assigned to Judge King, I was pleased that we'd been assigned to a judge with such high ratings. Unfortunately our experience did not match those recommendations. Judge King's primary problem, insofar as we were concerned, is that he appears to believe in pushbutton justice. Parties are expected to do discovery essentially on their own and without intervention, jointly present MSJ's per his byzantine rules, and settle the case on their own while summary judgments are pending. Unfortunately, life doesn't work so easily. You actually need a judge at times to make firm decisions, particularly where the opposition stretches the rules of procedure and good behavior. Throughout the proceeding I simply got the unavoidable feeling that our mere existence as a case on his docket offended Judge King. His rulings, when given, were announced in childlike petulant rants. If Judge King no longer wishes to be a district judge then he should retire. But in the meantime, make rulings and move cases -- that's what judges are there to do.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. George H. King

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