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This man is taking matters into his own hands when he finds a sheriff who does what he was elected to do--protect this country his state, his community by stopping illegals from crossing and remaining in our country illegally. If anything, it is this judge who should be removed from the bench for bending to the pressures of the most corrupt attorney general in our history and the fraud who pretends to be president sitting on his throne in the White House. This judge is a mental idiot if he really believes that illegals belong in our country. We the People are sick and tired of legal mental minds such as this moron, who believe they know what is best for the People. Go to hell! This sheriff was elected by the people to do the job that these pansies who sit on their asses interpreting laws the way they see fit in black dresses.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. G. Murray Snow

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