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The retirement of this miserable speed bump on the road to justice cannot come soon enough. He overlooks wide swaths of both statute and precedent in his shoot-from the hip approach to ruling. In oral argument, there will be no opportunity to present anything but a poker face as he berates and ridicules both advocates and litigants in pre- announcing his decision and (presumably) demonstrates his 'brilliance', which is nothing but a glib tongue combined with a massive ego. His retirement will save countless hours that were formerly consumed drafting objections to his Reports and Recommendations, and will lower the collective blood pressure of the members of the bar by a measurable amount. A snide and discourteous man, one who single-HIGH-handedly defined the area below the bar that SDNY strives to raise in their appointments. This man very likely got beat up often in school, took it out on everyone during his 'career', and needs a few additional thrashings now that he will no longer how sway over anyone. Thrashing with a cane is suggested.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Andrew J. Peck

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