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average rating is null out of 5
My wife was sued by the FTC in 2008 for nothing that her company did but for what one of her partners did at another company. Judge Batten issued an 'ex parte temporary restraining order with asset freeze'. Without hearing the other side or giving any due process he ordered all of our assets frozen. No money to pay for lawyers and only $3000 for living expenses. The receiver he placed to take over consistently lied under oath and Judge Batten ignored this. He has made more money than he has given back to the consumer. Thats because no one was ever out any money. When it came down to personal assets I only got my half. There was less than $50,000 equity in the house but he ordered me to pay $56,000 for my half or sell the house. After selling and paying fees there will be less than $40,000. This guy is bad news. He can't add either. Oh, the FTC claimed that my wifes agents were 'talking too fast on the phone.' And though everything I have worked for in the last 30 years is gone, I have never been in the man's court room.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Timothy C. Batten, Sr.

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