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I was a Pro Se Plaintiff against some large firms. It was a civil rights case where clearing firms, which receive federal assistance, denied me access to the capital markets for no reason. It was a pretty simple straight forward case and should have been allowed to proceed to a jury. Pauley took 8 months to dismiss the entire case. In his decision, which I think was personally written by a clerk and he just signed it, he cited large, well known cases and completely disregarded any law. What complicates matters is that I have another case involving the NSA. I had aksed Pauley to recuse himself because of his views that the collection of data by the NSA was constitutional. It was revealed later on that wasn't the case and so he had a conflict of issues with me and should not have ruled on the civil rights case. But my request to have him removed pissed him off and he treated me like some piece of garbage after that. When he ruled against me, I submitted a response that I wasn't happy and he should have recused himself especially facts that have come to light about the NSA. He then removed my letter from the ECF and revoked my access. So, if you like a Judge who decides what gets put on the docket or not, this guy is for you. I will now be reporting him to the Second Circuit and Senate Judiciary Committee. In the dictionary next to bias and God complex is a picture of Pauley. He should be removed from being a Judge.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. William H. Pauley III

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