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The lawyers do not know the half of it. Most are fortunate in that they only encounter her periodically. She's not dumb (though may of her opinions can be described as cursory and lacking analysis at best). But she is mean, biased, mercurial, insecure, and vengeful. A case study against lifetime tenure. Her law clerk attrition rate is unprecedented in the Northern District, and probably the among the federal judiciary at large. In the last two years alone, 3 have ended their clerkships early. In the past (not so much recently), she also made a habit of firing courtroom deputies and secretaries for no reason. These days, she doesn't keep a secretary. She's only in chambers about 1 week a month. During that week, one of the floaters is unfortunate have to fill the role. Fortunately, her clerks and the courthouse at large are spared from her the majority of the time as she is away three weeks of the month at her vacation home, 'working remotely.'
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Suzanne B. Conlon

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