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Probably the worst federal judge I have had the misfortune of having a case with. Poor scholarship in his rulings, takes a lengthy period of time to rule on motions, and then sets trial about 60 days from ruling on a dispositive motion. Sorry, but if you are going to take a month to issue a ruling, you should probably give at least 3 times that amount of time to prep a case for trial! Also had a colleague that had a case with him file an MSJ, and not only did he deny it, but he granted judgment to the NON-moving party, just to get the case out of his courtroom. There was no cross-MSJ, he just entered judgment for the other side. No evidence to support this ruling, just how he feels about the case. During oral argument he apparently knew nothing about the case (since his law clerk drafted the order for him). My guess would be this guy gets overturned a lot on appeal, letting newly minted attorneys act as federal judges. It seems like his mission is to try to keep parties from filing in federal court, out of fear of being assigned to his courtroom. That is the only explanation that makes any sense to me. It'll be a great day for Lady Justice when this guy finally retires.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Stephen V. Wilson

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