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Beyond awful. How much so simply cannot be summed up in words. One very small example: Evidentiary hearing that concluded shortly after lunch. She came back from an obvious lunch at some restaurant outside the courthouse (I saw her returning). Hearing concluded about an hour after lunch. She read from a written opinion she clearly meant to give the impression she had diligently written in chambers over the lunch hour. It was utterly inconsistent with the evidence as taken at the hearing. She obviously could have cared less. The upshot of the opinion was that a) she didn't have to make any difficult decisions and b) it minimized the work she had to do that day and for the rest of the case (apparently the only things she is interested in). I have been practicing long enough to know sloth when I smell it, and this courtroom reeks of it.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Janet T. Neff

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